In this sample, I’m writing for an audience within the music business, who can be expected to have some understanding of the subject matter being covered. This permits the use of a controlled level of industry specific terminology. Set of 3 x 10 page e-brochures for Blueprint, a software house specialising in the development of applications for the music, media and entertainment industries.

completed: 2000
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The Open Royalty Gateway is a license distribution and royalty mangement system revolutionising the way artists and managers bring their music to market and so defining the music business of the future.

The ORG gives rights owners online control of the publishing of the music, the terms on which they license the music for sale, the distributors through whom they sell, and the tracking and receipt of their royalties.

By using the Open Royalty Gateway, an artist can self publish and distribute, and expect to take a royalty of 60-70% of every sale, around 500% better than through a record company deal.

The Open Royalty Gateway is able to offer a similar level of managed licence distribution for any media file, regardless of format, facilitating pay-per-view web distribution of concerts, interviews and other video files, as well as songs.

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