I’ve used a warm, contemporary and professional tone of voice in writing this e-brochure for this innovative provider of patient homecare services in the Leicester area. E-brochure for homecare provider Pure Homecare.

completed: 2014
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The care, understanding and quality of service you and your family need.

Whether it’s for you or for someone in your family whose care is your concern, Pure Homecare provides a thoughful, practical and attentive homecare service.

Available throughout Leicestershire, our service is designed to meet the needs of individuals of any age, either sex and all ethnic backgrounds.
We provide individually tailored care to those requiring longterm intensive assistance (those with permanent disabilities, for example), temporary assistance (perhaps following a period of hospitalisation) or some level of ongoing support (such as older clients who may need help only to bathe or to start their day.)

Working together with you and your family.

The individual needs of each client are at the heart of the care we provide.

We have no ‘off the shelf’ careplans, but instead take care to design a program tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each client and those members of their family or circle concerned to help them.

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