In this sample, I’m explaining a marketing incentive mechanic to a largely marketing savvy audience within the music industry. 10 page e-brochure for Blueprint, a software house specialising in the development of applications for the music, media and entertainment industries.

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MusicReward: marketers’ overview

Unlike other music download sites which require users to make a financial transaction for their downloads, MusicReward uses a credits system. The MusicReward site provides the functionality for credits given by participating brands, in return for products and services, to be redeemed by the user and credited to his or her MusicReward account. These may then be used to purchase downloads.

For marketers, this presents the potential for value-add, brand differentiating promotions and the development of strong, music based, one-to-one relationships with consumers.

By gifting MusicReward credits in return for on-pack promotional codes, marketers are able to associate their brand with the discovery of exciting new sounds, the sharing of music among friends, and the ethos of a cool, contemporary distribution channel.

As a promotional incentive, MuscReward credits offer low cost/high perceptual value in each redeemable unit. That means customers are retrieving and enjoying their rewards faster than with virtually any other promotional reward.

Music Reward credits can be given via on-pack promotional codes, or via EPOS crediting directly to the user’s account in situations where the promoting brand (credit card operators, telcos, supermarket or service station brands for example) offer a suitable payment mechanism.

Top-up credits may also be be purchased by the user from the website, using a credit card, or via billing arrangements with affiliated telcos.

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