This doordrop flyer for Hertfordshire estate agent Morris & Joel was created to provide some brand saliency and ‘news buzz’ around the opening of the company’s first office. It’s a simple, punchy announcement piece, introducing the firm and its partners to their new neighbourhood.

completed: 2016
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Sell your home now through Borehamwood’s fabulous new agent… and make 2 fantastic

Let Morris & Joel sell your home for you. We’ll pay your legal fees AND the mortgage valuation fee for the home you move to, as well!

We’re Morris & Joel.
Borehamwood’s outstanding new estate agent with a state of the art office in the key position on Shenley Road.
Having just opened, and being determined to get off to a good start, we’ve come up with a seriously great offer.
We sell. You save.
List your home for sale with us as your sole agent before
31 March 2017 and, when we sell it, we’ll pay your legal fees on the sale for you.
We’ll also reimburse you the fee for the mortgage valuation on the property you move to – regardless of whether you’re buying through us or not.

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