A complete pack containing 8 page letter, reply card, calendar of events and supporting information piece. Holiday Property Bond is an extremely experienced, high volume direct marketer with a sophisticated resource for producing a constant flow of packs. I planned and wrote this, my first project for the company, using a tone of voice intended to strike a cord with an audience slightly younger than their usual retirement age target. DM pack for property investment bond operator Holiday Property Bond.

completed: 2015
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Just this once, why not weigh up an investment in terms of pleasures rather than percentages?

Dear Mr Sample,

When I write to people to whom I’ve not written before, as I’m doing with you today, I have to think hard about whether to talk about holidays, which are exciting, or about investment, which can seem dull by comparison.

The dilemma comes about because Holiday Property Bond is a holiday product that’s built around an investment. And while I do generally choose to talk about holidays, it’s investment that’s been giving me food for thought of late.

Isn’t there more than just the usual way to think about investments?

I’m sure you will have long since taken care of all the key planks in planning for your future and your family’s security. But have you never stopped to wonder whether we can’t sometimes be rather narrow in our view when deciding what to do with our money?

Almost without exception, we judge the value and performance of investments simply in terms of percentages, as though using capital to make more capital were self evidently the only sensible use for it.

What if there’s a better use altogether for a little of your savings?

Of course, building security ranks high on all our lists of priorities. But if I look back over many years at the most meaningful, memorable and enjoyable times in my life, I’d have to say that very few of these involve a ‘percentage’. Very many of them, however, involve holidays.

I have little fondness for any APR I have ever encountered (especially over these last few years). I do, by contrast, recall with huge affection sunny days spent loading cases into an estate car; the happy voices of overexcited children in bright, clean pools; long country walks with my wife and dog; leisured morning foraging in cobbled market squares across Europe; lazy afternoons in pub gardens with friends; and happy evenings talking nonsense, eating far too much, and sipping fulsome reds while exhausted youngsters slept like hounds in preparation for more of the same the following day.

So, just for a moment, think about this. How about judging an investment not in terms of the percentage it returns, but in terms of the good times it delivers? In terms of hugs and laughter? Freedom? How about in terms of sheer delight?

An odd idea? Well, read on and lets try it out.

So who are we?

Way back in 1983 my colleagues and I had a novel idea that I see now is really nothing more than that which I’m asking you to consider.

We wondered what might happen were we to set up a Life Assurance Bond linked to a fund whose express purpose, instead of providing one of those annualised % returns to its bondholders that every other Life Assurance Bond offered, would be to use its assets to provide bondholders with wonderful holidays.

What if we could find people who were pretty much as I believe you might be today? People who had already put in place the usual obligatory investments.

What if we could talk to people like this and offer them the chance to make an investment into a bond that would then give them an entitlement to holiday, without paying rent, in beautiful, high quality accommodation in fabulous locations, for the rest of their lives?


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