This simple, 2-sided A5 doordrop confronts the likelihood that a householder might be inclined to throw it away as soon as they’ve read the headline. By addressing the opportunity which will be lost by such an action, the flyer establishes immediate relevance and rapport with its reader. Doordrop A5 flyer for Advent Consulting.

completed: 2007
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STOP! Bin this and you’ll be throwing away a lot more than just a leaflet.

Screw up this sheet and you’ll be throwing away the chance of a highly-paid and successful new career in IT.

You’ll be turning your back on

  • A BIGGER, BETTER salary
  • MORE EXCITING prospects
  • LIMITLESS career opportunities

Whatever you’re doing now, Advent Computer Training can help you retrain to gain professional computer skills accreditation… AND help you find a big money job… often before your course ends!




 Well-paid. Exciting.

 Advent can train YOU for a rewarding new career – and a brighter future – in IT.

With an Advent training course, you get great instruction…and gain an internationally recognised IT industry accreditation.

* Study at your own speed * Get hands-on experience at classroom workshops * WE PAY if you need to retake an exam * Flexible payment options * Certified trainers experienced in training adults


As a Microsoft Certified Professional you can be a PC Help Desk Support Technician and earn £19,239 pa

As a Microsoft Systems Administrator you can be a PC Support Analyst and earn £23,527 pa

As a Microsoft Systems Engineer you can be a Network Support Engineer on £23,850 pa

As a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator you can be a Database Administrator on £36,377 pa

As a Certified Webmaster you can be a Web Developer earning around £30,000 pa

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