DPB UK Ltd offers a unique combination of hosting, e-com shop and back-end stocking and fulfillment, with which anyone can start an e-commerce business within a few minutes. This 2-page print letter goes out to a well targeted list and presents this exceptional offer in a direct, unashamedly selling fashion. Sales letter for DPB UK Ltd.

completed: 2007
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UK Shoppers Spend £26 Billion
a Year on the Internet.
Here’s How to Collect Your Share
in Under 30 minutes.

Dear Mr Sample,

Would you be surprised to discover that £26 billion (£26,000,000,000) is the amount shoppers in the UK now spend on the internet each year?

That means every adult in the UK spends an average of A THOUSAND POUNDS online!
(It’s still growing, too! £40 billion PLUS is predicted by 2010.)

And it’s not being spent with ‘big name’ retailers!

Not all of it! While the Amazon’s and Tesco’s are making good profits from the boom, TENS OF THOUSANDS of individuals and small family businesses are waking up each day to find their email in-boxes bursting with big-money orders.

Now YOU can join them. Quickly. Cheaply. Easily.

Read on! We can help you get YOUR OWN, fully working online retail business up and running quickly and cheaply, so you can begin banking YOUR share of that £26 billion today.

But how? If you don’t own an offline business that sells or makes a product then setting up a retail website is usually hard work.

The hard work done for you.

We’ve spent 2 years putting in place the agreements and systems that mean we can offer you a choice of 8 fully functioning web businesses, ready for you to name, brand and start trading with, up and running in under 30 minutes.

Your own, fully functioning e-commerce website, selling exciting, ‘hot’ products, up and running in under 30 minutes.

We’ve chosen 8 retail sectors – fast sellers like DVDs, mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges, football souvenirs, lingerie and others. You can set up a site in one…two…OR EVEN IN ALL OF THEM.

In each sector, we’ve tied up agreements with a top wholesaler who has a warehouse filled with great products, and systems in place to handle customer orders. Their stock and systems will automatically sit behind your new website.

So YOU have no stock. No big outlay. No premises. No hassles.

Just an inbox full of profitable orders, day after day.

And without being indiscreet, I’m happy to tell you that the most successful user of our system right now, is averaging genuine sales of £32,000 a month through his site.

It must cost a fortune, right?

We are an established, reputable UK based e-commerce consultancy, and I’m at great pains to make clear to you that this has nothing whatsoever in common with the make-money-fast ‘internet business’ scams one hears about so often.

I’m more than happy to tell you, right now, what you pay to set up your own web business with us.

For a one-off fee of £50, you are free to use our system, with our full support, to start 1, 2, 3…anything up to 8 ready-to-trade web businesses.

After that, we charge just 16p per day to host each business you run on our webservers.

And that’s it. Not a penny more. Ever. However successful your businesses are.

I’ve enclosed a leaflet which tells you a little more about starting your high-profit web business with DPBUK Ltd.

And if you visit www.dpbukltd.co.uk/getstarted/ you’ll find more details, as well as our fast, easy startup form.

We really have done ALL of the hard work for you, and I know that there’s no lower cost, better way for you to start earning your share of that £26 billion.

Go and look at our website now.

Yours sincerely,

Daren _________
Managing Director

PS. DPBUK Ltd is my business, and I take a personal interest in helping our new clients get their businesses started. If, after looking at our website, you have further questions you’d like answered, please feel free to email me directly. My address is ______@_________

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