TMS Group are experts in aiding companies in optimising the efficiency with which they engage with members of their teams. In this leave-behind piece for use following live presentations, I’ve employed an open, clear voice to ensure the understanding and so engage the interest of prospects. Mini brochure for engagement efficiency consultants TMS Group.

completed: 2017
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Optimised Team Engagement

A unique opportunity for your organisation to secure substantial savings and for your team to enjoy enhanced earnings.

TMS optimises the efficiency with which organisations engage with performance-rewarded members of their team.

Our unique approach, underpinned by a bespoke, counsel-advised legal framework, brings about substantial
savings and benefits for both organisation and team members.

Established in 2007, we have been providing efficiency-driven cost solutions since 2009.

We are advised by a professional team of International Tax & Employment industry leaders, including xxx xxxx and xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx.


What is Optimised Team Engagement?

Our solution redefines the relationship between your company and your commission-based team members.

It requires no change to how, when or where your team carry out their responsibilities, and is enthusiastically embraced by those affected, once explained and put in place.

As an intrinsic part of the service we provide, we do the work of presenting the proposed transition to your team members, answering their questions and allaying their concerns.

TMS not only manages all aspects of the transition, but then assumes all responsibility for administration of the new arrangement, while leaving management of payments firmly under your control.

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