In the sample below, from an internal brand positioning handbook, I’m writing for a readership of Cable & Wireless employees, in the voice of the company’s Marketing Director. The style required is confident and decisive, while at the same time collaborative and approachable. 50 page brand messaging handbook for Cable & Wireless.

completed: 2002
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What this book is, and why it’s so important

It’s critical to the success of our business that you take the time to read this book and make certain that you understand its content.

Cable & Wireless is seen, according to research amongst our customers, as a highly credible provider of business telecoms services in the UK.

But we have one problem.

People require prompting before they think of us. We’re not at the forefront of their minds.

This is mainly because, until now, we’ve failed to present a clear, focused story about who we are and what we do.

The absence of this kind of singleminded message has fragmented our marketing effort, and resulted in us releasing a confusing variety of communications.

If we are to realise our enormous potential in the current marketplace, however, this has to change. We have to deliver our message with the same relentless consistency with which other great brands deliver theirs.

From here on, Cable & Wireless’s message will be singlemindedly about integration of computing and communications, and a program of solutions which we will wrap up under the campaign title: Cable & Wireless Integrate.

We will present this to our customers with the promise of a ‘destination’ in the future, where they will realise the enormous commercial benefits of business built on integrated communications and computing, and to which we can lead them from wherever they stand currently.

This aspirational destination will be referred to in customer facing communication as Cable & Wireless. Business Integrated.

Each customer’s journey will comprise a number of stages, specific to them. At each of these, they will be able to count on Cable and Wireless being there to point them in the right direction and ensure they make the right decisions.

Please read this Handbook carefully.

It explains how to make sure that every item of collateral you produce delivers the Cable & Wireless Integrate message, and so drives the future of our business.

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