In this corporate brochure for risk specialist World-Check, I’ve adopted an authoritative and ‘world-beating’ approach capable of underlining the company’s standing in this particularly high-value sector. Brochure for risk specialist World-Check.

completed: 2011
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Finding risk others can’t find

In today’s financial, commercial and government environments, it is vital to identify relationship risk as early as possible.

To ensure that you are fulfilling your compliance obligations, and to protect against the possibility of irreparable damage to your reputation, it is essential to arm yourself with the best possible resources.

A decade ago, World-Check’s authoritative database first defined the possibilities for identifying risk posed by doing business with exposed persons or with organisations with undesirable associations.

Today, World-Check leads the world in providing the intelligence needed to ensure your company’s integrity is not compromised by its associations.

Free from any dilution of its resources by absolute specialism in the field, World-Check has achieved the stature, footprint and expertise to enable it to recognise risk others simply can not see.

With our wider angle of view and unequalled commitment of manpower, we consistently alerts our clients to entities posing risk months or even years before they are recognised elsewhere.

Over a five year period from 2005, World Check brought more than 500 entities to the attention of its clients in this way, pointing up their potential danger long before their identification by government sanctions agencies.

For any organisation that takes seriously the legal or reputational dangers from those with whom it does or is considering doing business, World-Check is the definitive provider of dependable intelligence.

If a relationship poses a risk to you, now or in the future, we will find it and alert you to its presence so that you can assess for yourself its significance to your organisation.

And decide on your best course of action.

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