It’s always nice to be invited to experiment, and opportunities to do so in commercial situations are rare. When commissioning copy for this brochure for JVC’s premium Futurevision range of must-have consumer electronics, Marketing Director Neil Mancais had set his heart on copy that would be unusual and arresting for its own sake. This copy was supported by more literal listing of product features. 48 page product range brochure for JVC Futurevision.

completed: 2007
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Where the eyes of other men delight in the smile of a child, mine rejoice in the lustre of anodised metal.

While they breathe deep for the scent of new mown grass, I yearn for the perfumes of freshly unpacked polystyrene and high quality injection mouldings.

The mirror stillness of sleek, black surfaces; the cool of their touch; the slim, refined elegance of a well-profiled screen housing; the weight and balance of a remote with new batteries; the youthful libido of never-been-plugged-in cables, eager for never-been-plugged-into sockets.

This is the beauty in my world. I love to watch and to listen and to create. But most I need just to own. To feel these things around me. To run my hand across them as I pass.

And you are like me. And our day is come.

Plasma TVs

I believe, sometimes, that I am watching TV. Just for a moment, before reality returns and I know I am watching ‘the’ TV.

It itself. For the joy of its form and the serenity of its architecture. The confidence of its expanse of glass. Its elegance of profile.

That tapering, Atelier Bellini cone, and its still, flat surfaces of soft etched glass.

I sit sometimes in the dark, and explore a word in my mind. Turn it over. Conjure with it.

The word is this. The word is ‚ ‘plasma’.

Recordable Hard Disks

There is a space and I am standing in it. Vast. Still. Everything I have ever watched, and everything I will ever watch is here. Packed up. In perfect condition.

Aisle after aisle. Everything that hasn’t been shown but will be on in the future. Things I don’t yet know I will love. Movies unmade. Home videos of birthdays I have not yet reached.

I feel a chill blast and turn to leave, but I cannot find the way out and so I sit down.

And I begin to watch.

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