Orange markets its network and partner products both through its own retail outlets, and through the channel comprised of independent retailers. The ‘freedom’ channel marketing program incentivises sales staff in these independent outlets to sell Orange. This channel incentive program brochure is written in an overtly youthful, fun, informal voice consistent with the program’s rapport with the channel’s youthful employees. 12 page channel incentive magazine for Orange.

completed: 2003
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“Oh my god… that feels different!”

Welcome back to freedom for September and October.

But don’t expect for a second you’re gonna know what’s coming.

This time everything’s been up for grabs and the result…well‚…it does feel kinda different.

To start with, there’s a killer new freedom feel different incentive program to reward you for selling the Orange Premier package. (The product info on this is in the separate booklet).

Next, we’ve made the whole freedom awards scheme feel sooooooooo different you wouldn’t recognise it if it sat next to you with its girlfriend in Starbucks.


Different because there’s a whole exciting new catalogue of things you can get with your points, and we’ve put it all right there on the website so you can see at a glance what there is, how many points you need, and then order it right there. And different because registering your sales is now done completely online, which makes it all just so much easier.

But the best freedom feel different difference of all is the seriously different awards going down for September and October. (Did we mention this? Damn. The freedom feel different incentive kicks in on 1 September and runs through to 31 October.)

So, fold over to the next bit, and we’ll tell you what makes the new rewards system feel so different.

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