Kennedy Reserve Account is an innovative commercial loan vehicle available to small and medium businesses across the United States. This brochure, explaining the offer to potential end users, is written in a direct, short sentence form, recognising the expectations of this sector of the US busines community. It forms part of a suite of some 16 items. Brochure for Kennedy Reserve Account.

completed: 2007
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Cash on call. Business on track.

The Kennedy Reserve Account. Ready-to-Go Business Cash.

In any fast moving business, just about the hardest thing to do is keep control of your cashflow.

However good your forecasting, the variables of dealing with suppliers on the one hand, and customers on the other mean the unexpected could be waiting for you in the next call you take, or the next email you open.

Maybe there’ll be a ‘big profit’ opportunity to buy stock cheaply that means you have to act today.

Or a once in a lifetime chance to win a big new customer that involves an expensive tender.

Or maybe there’ll be a less welcome surprise, like a major repair or a bad debt from a customer that leaves you needing a cash boost to pay your suppliers on time and keep your credit rating intact.

Whatever it is, the key to keeping a successful business moving confidently is to have rapid access to extra funds you can switch into and out of, right when you need them.

The Kennedy Reserve Account. Cash on-call, whenever you need it.

The last thing you want to waste time doing when you need this kind of short-term cash aid, is work through the probings and processes of the bank.

You need to be able to call in your extra cash immediately, without spending time explaining yourself.

The Kennedy Reserve Account is the world’s first account to put you in complete control of your own reserve of ready-to-go business cash.

There’s no-one to ask. The money is there, ready for you to use whenever you want to smooth out the routine surprises of an energetic business’s cashflow.

The only permission you need to use it…is your own.

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