This was a fascinating project: a recruitment company, co-owned by a career airline pilot, specialising in opening up new, ground-based vistas for experienced cabin crew. I’ve worked in light, explanatory voice, setting out for employers the huge opportunity open to them. Brochure for cabin-crew-trained staff recruiter Miramar Connect.

completed: 2018
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Look Up.

High above your head, at this very moment, the sky is filled with the best trained, broadest- skilled pool of customer-focused staff you could ever hope to find.

Each airliner that goes over is staffed with as many as 22 diplomatic, courteous, capable experts, skilled in service, hospitality, languages, first aid, safe practice, and the discreet handling of tricky situations.

They’re used to dealing with customers, important customers and self-important customers.

They’re used to working in lean, efficient teams.

They’re used to being ‘front of house’ for hours on end.

In short, these people know everything there is to know about looking after customers.



Each of these people has received extensive training.

They have been DBS checked, retrained annually throughout their careers and tested by a Manager on each occasion they have reported for duty.

As they work in tight teams, their numbers include many people with vast experience of managing these teams.

Surprisingly, however, these smart and highly capable people often struggle to imagine what they might do when they no longer wish to fly.

When their circumstances make long days and continual absences from home less appealing than once they were.

But we know what they could do.

And we think you probably know, too.

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