I work regularly with Paragon, who are Lloyd’s brokers specialising in arranging cover for professional liability and associated risks faced by professional services clients. Paragon most frequently work in partnership with a channel of US-based general insurance brokers, and in this particular tactical brochure I’ve taken extreme care to respect the relationship with these channel partners while setting out Paragon’s offer to assist US Law firms in shifting their insurance from the popular mutual arrangement into the commercial market. US tactical brochure for insurance broker Paragon.

completed: 2012
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A better way to insure

Expertly formulated and placed Professional Liability Insurance plays a vital role in the ability of any law firm to conduct its business from day to day.

Paragon are international insurance brokers, with proven expertise and experience in partnering with specialist US brokers and their US law firm clients to arrange insurance customized precisely and specifically to the firm’s unique profiles and needs.

In particular, as part of the global team, Paragon specializes in helping migrate firms from the familiar environment of mutual cover to the competition-driven, and in our view more appropriate, commercial market.

Paragon’s success over the last 15 years has been built on a three-pillar model uniting excellence in broking, high-level technical skill and effectiveness and efficiency in the management of claims.

In addition, through our subsidiary Paragon Risk Management Services, Paragon provides risk management resources of a quality consistent with the expectations of the most risk-conscious of law firms.
With longstanding broking relationships with key insurers in the London, European and Bermudian markets, Paragon’s clients benefit from our practice of negotiating directly with senior underwriters at all times.

As a part of the global broking team, we have assisted many substantial US firms in moving their Professional Liability Insurance to the commercial market. Paragon offers any firm considering this transition a unique mix of experience, entrepreneurial approach, client service and capacity in the global insurance market.

For the long term, Paragon is a partner that can help you protect your interests, reduce your risk, assist in handling your claims and, most importantly, enable you to practice law in complete confidence.

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