A good example of demystification of a specialist professional service. Redress offers insolvency practitioners a model for the funding, research, development and litigation of ‘promising’ cases, and this brochure, written in a direct and uncluttered professional tone, sets out to win friends simply by presenting the offer clearly and succinctly. Brochure for insolvency litigators Redress Solutions.

completed: 2008
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How Redress can help you

Redress Solutions specialises in the funding, research and development of litigation cases for Insolvency Practitioners.

Our business model is structured to enable us to take over both risk and workload at the earliest indication that something might be amiss.

This offers you the opportunity to optimise your chance of success by bringing on board our specialist and expert investigators, while simultaneously transferring all exposure and costs to us.

Who does Redress work with?

We work primarily with Insolvency Practitioners who wish to explore and pursue litigation without being exposed to the costs of compiling or prosecuting the case.

We are of particular value to Practitioners seeking to ‘hand on’ a case at the very early stage where perhaps only a small amount of indicative activity has come to light.

Redress also works with Solicitors seeking viable funding of contentious insolvency cases; and with Creditors keen to maximise recovery without exposing themselves to the cost of litigation.

When can Redress help?

Initial investigation

Providing you’ve been appointed as Insolvency Practitioner, we can take on and fund all investigation, as well as perform the required s236 interviews.

Company Claims

We will undertake cases involving breach of contract or of directors’ duties, professional negligence, financial assistance and other circumstances in which the claim lies with the Company.

Once you assign us the case, we will either instruct solicitors or work with your preferred firm on part-conditional terms under which a significant element of the fee is dependent on a successful action. Redress will assume responsibility for all disbursements including the cost of after-the-event insurance.


Redress works in all insolvency situations, and as such will investigate and fund cases of all kinds in which the claim lies with an individual.

Statutory and Office-holder actions

In situations where you are confronted with preferences, fraudulent or wrongful trading or transactions at an undervalue we will, again, manage and fund the advancement of the action either instructing solicitors, or working with your preferred firm.

Working with Redress

Redress funds all investigation and case development against the prospect of a share in the funds recovered by a successful litigation.

We do not make management or expense charges of any kind to the Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors or Creditors on whose behalf we work.

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