Written late in 2011, in anticipation of a summer of heavy footfall in the UK’s pubs, bars and restaurants, I’ve aimed to paint an enthusiastic picture of the coming upturn in trade in order to press the need for an audit and potential upgrade of outlet IT infrastructure. Brochure for hospitality sector IT consultancy Centrality.

completed: 2013
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Get ready for the heaviest trading ever seen in Britain’s pubs and restaurants.

Just months away. Britain’s biggest Summer ever, with millions out to party… and tourists crowding in to every corner of the UK to join in the fun.

The Olympic Torch Relay sets things off in May with a 70 day parade visiting over 1000 towns and villages across Britain.

Then it’s the Diamond Jubilee, with its 4-day Holiday Weekend, its nationwide party atmosphere and festive TV coverage.

Through the rest of June, England and the Republic of Ireland will be taking part in UEFA Euro 2012, packing pubs and bars at home for every game they play.

Just a few weeks later… The Olympics. 18 days of excitement and big-screen coverage, with packed bars and restaurants.

It means sustained peaks of trade and volumes of visitors you’ve never seen before.

All you have to do, with our help, is make certain your venues have the technology to cope with 12 weeks of thirsty and hungry crowds, big-screen events, party atmosphere and, best of all…. payments to process.

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