Lyxor is an Asset Management company owned by French banking group Société Générale. In this sample from a 16 page product brochure, I’m writing for other finance professionals in a confident and assumptive voice, consistent with the sector reputation of the brand. Brochure for Lyxor Asset Management.

completed: 2007
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Specialisation and innovation combined.

Lyxor Asset Management was established in 1998.

A provider of innovative asset management solutions, the company was created by the Equity Derivatives department of Société Générale Group Corporate and Investment Banking, and remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Société Générale Group.

Société Générale’s Equity Derivatives team had been quick to recognise the added value to be derived from convergence of traditional asset management methods with financial market techniques such as derivatives trading and innovative financial engineering.

In the intervening decade, Lyxor has flourished, its unique business model establishing it as a niche specialist with unsurpassed expertise in the three expanding investment markets of Alternative Investments, Index tracking and Strucutured Management.

Lyxor’s offer has been honed to meet the needs of a diverse portfolio of investors and investment institutions.

These include institutional investors like pension funds, corporations, public/government bodies and local authorities, as well as financial institutions such as asset management professionals, private banks and distribution networks for financial products.

Lyxor strives continuously to deliver to these clients best-of-breed financial innovations and investment opportunities.

Focusing our delivery

Lyxor utilises leading-edge techniques and tools to provide three major investment vehicles:

  • Structured Management
  • Index-tracking
  • Alternative Investments

Used alongside traditional management strategies, these allow access to new sources of performance, make possible both optimisation of the risk/yield ratio and a response to asset/liability management constraints, and provide the flexibility needed to take full advantage of market opportunities.

International recognition

Lyxor occupies a position of renown on the international stage.
The company is an asset management company under French law, approved by the local regulator, AMF.
Though operating primarily in Europe, Lyxor is active in Asia, represented in the United States, and is now firmly established on all major international markets.

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