Printed and mailed sales letters can still have a value and capabilities with which digital media cannot compete. I really enjoy helping any client who has the confidence in his/her offer to entrust its pitching to a nicely presented letter, in a decent envelope – regardless of whether or not the cover actually reaches the recipient! I wrote this clear, direct and personal sales letter for wedding venue digital marketing specialist Mango & Jones, and I think it’s all the more interesting for the client being in the business of digital marketing! Sales letter for wedding venue digital markting specialist Mango & Jones.

completed: 2021
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Dear Ms Marketer,

Specific to you. Individually planned and executed Wedding Venue digital marketing. For more and better quality enquiries.

Have you got most of your faith, as well as most of your marketing budget, riding on directory listings with Hitched or similar sites? Month after month?

The lion’s share of your spend? On fancy ‘Premium’ packages you’re scared to not buy?

Or have you bought a fixed-deal ‘marketing package’ from a ‘local’ agency that knows almost nothing about weddings, and that suits you like a size 11 dress on a size 6 bride?

Venue digital marketing that’s smart, bespoke… and totally flexible.

We’re Mango & Jones. We’re not a wedding directory. And we’re not an agency selling a ‘not-that-effective-for-anyone’ deal to absolutely everyone. We’re a specialist digital marketing agency that works solely with wedding venues.

Venues are all we do, and at any one time we do it for just 12 venues. (Spoiler! We currently have 3 positions open.)

We talk to you. All the time. We work with you month after month on your specific goals and your exact situation.

• We plan and manage agile, high-ROI PPC campaigns that put you front and centre on searches you are unlikely to rank for organically. We design, build and manage the landing pages that turn those clicks into enquiries, too.
• We do meticulous SEO using data and keyterms and on-page optimisations designed to rank you for searches that bring you enquiries that are actually likely to book with you.
• We upgrade, maintain and optimise your site when that’s needed. (We design and build, too, but we never insist on rebuilding sites that are already perfectly good!)

Turn us on – or off – month to month.

We work on a retainer that blocks you an agreed number of hours each month. You get clear, simple reporting that shows you exactly what we’ve done that month. Best of all, if you want or need to switch us off every now and then… just tell us. We understand how things work for venues.

A short chat? Absolutely obligation-free.

I’m certain we can transform the quality and volume of enquiries you generate from your venue’s marketing, as well as the control you have over it. Certain.
So… take a totally free, 30 minute call with me on which we can talk over your current situation and I’ll then create a no-obligation proposal for you.


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