Writing awards submissions is a particular skill, with close attention to the detail of the awards entry guidelines required in order to ensure an entry that can be accurately assessed by the judges. On this occasion, where the format of the entry was left to the discretion of the entrant, we wrote. designed and produced a deluxe, 24 x A3 page, bound entry that secured Biterite Finalist places in all three of the categories entered. Awards entry submission for Biterite Dental Laboratory.

completed: 2013
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The UK’s best private dental lab

Biterite makes a highly plausible claim to be the UK’s best dental laboratory serving the needs of private dentists.

With a state of the art facility located in North London, Biterite services high-quality private dentists and practices around the country, providing a carefully struck balance of superb technical work, innovative and helpful customer services and highly competitive pricing.

With its team of 12, including technicians and production manager, operations staff, logistics manager and collection and delivery drivers, Biterite enjoys the resources necessary to deliver a first class service while maintaining the agility required to respond to changing customer needs.

Now 5 years old, the company has enjoyed consistent growth both by increasing its share of work from existing customers and by acquiring new practice customers on a continual basis.

Having recently added to its resource the strategic influence and investment of dental entrepreneur Al Kwong Hing, Biterite is ideally positioned to expand its footprint in the UK market over the next 3-5 years, maintaining its reputation for excellence while expanding its range of products and adding weight to its customer base outside of the M25 region.

No other private dental laboratory boasts as potent a combination of skills, resources and commercial acumen as Biterite.

The reason why Biterite believes it is deserving of recognition at the Private Laboratory Awards 2013.

Biterite’s entry in the
Private Laboratory Awards 2013

Biterite is entering into the Private Laboratory Awards 2013 in three of the four available categories:

  • Most Innovative Laboratory
  • Best Team
  • Best Dental Laboartory (more than 3 technicians) – London region

With our website about to undergo a complete refurbishment, we have elected to withold from entry in the Best Website category for this year.

This document contains Contention Statements and supporting evidence for each category. Where associated video evidence is included on our USB datastick, this is indicated in the text by this icon [graphic].

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