This advertorial copy required a written style consistent with the house style of its host magazine, while still creating the opportunity to make brand and product specific claims on behalf of JVC. I’ve used an ‘expert interview’ format, in which a ‘staff writer’ appears to be using JVC’s Marketing Director as an expert for advice within the piece. Advertorial content for JVC.

completed: 1993
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Don’t Forget the Camcorder

The big day’s almost upon you and helpful tips are raining in from all sides.

Mates, Mums and neighbours all want to share in your excitement and their experience will stand you in great stead on everything from changing to feeding and back again.

One thing you might not trust their opinions on is what kind of camcorder you should buy.

Not only do you want to know you’ll have great videos, but you want to be certain they’ll look great when you put them up on your TV, be easy to burn DVDs from …and don’t forget being able to email them or upload them to Facebook.

Let’s find a camcorder expert who knows about babies.

Neil Mancais is Marketing Director of JVC, who make about 30% of all the camcorders bought by new mums in the UK. Neil’s a keen home video maker and doting dad, who’s been filming his own kids since birth.

Filming your baby. A few basics.

“Everyone starts with good intentions.” says Neil. “At first, every day you shoot lots of video. But the trick is to not lose interest. Keep filming throughout their childhood. Photos are nice, but only video records the scenes and sounds you want to remember for ever.”

Make life easy. Be smart when you choose your camcorder.

The days of fiddling around with video tape cassettes or blank DVDs are disappearing fast.

“Mini DV camcorders are good”, Neil concedes,” but they’re fiddly.”

Same with camcorders you pop a blank DVD into.

“Each DVD takes time to initialise. This can hold you up just when your baby smiles its best ever smile. Each DVD also only records about 30 minutes, so you end up with a changing bag full of DVDs, and a big cost for blank discs.”

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