Arsenal Fanshare, launched by Arsenal Supporters Trust, hired me to consult on the development of simple, clear messaging and marketing collateral for the launch of their scheme enabling fans to purchase subdivided shares in the club. Flyer for Arsenal Fanshare Society.

completed: 2010
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Arsenal Fanshare. Share in the
custodianship of Arsenal’s future.

Arsenal Fanshare gives you the chance to step forward and play your part in Arsenal’s future by buying affordable new ‘Fanshares’ in the club.

What are Arsenal Fanshares?

Arsenal Holdings Plc (the company that controls the club) is a ‘public’ company. Anyone can buy shares in it on the stockmarket, but the cost of each share in Arsenal Holdings plc is currently around £9,500… well out of reach of most ordinary fans.

New Arsenal Fanshares are each equal to one hundredth of one share in Arsenal Holdings Plc. So each one costs about £95.

Arsenal Fanshare. What you get.

When you join Arsenal Fanshare, as well as playing your part in the custodianship of the club, you receive an Arsenal Fanshare Certificate, a place in a ballot for a seat at the Annual General Meeting of Arsenal Holdings Plc, the Chief Executive’s Shareholder email updates and a say on important votes on the club’s future.

Most importantly, by joining Arsenal Fanshare you build shared influence, shared ownership and shared values with other fans.

How to buy Arsenal Fanshares.

You can buy Arsenal Fanshares by opening an account and putting as little as £10 into it each month.

Once there’s enough money in your account to buy one Arsenal Fanshare (which costs one hundredth of whatever the price of a share in Arsenal Holdings Plc is at that time), the Fanshare will be bought for you.

If you stay in the scheme for long enough to buy 100 Fanshares, then you can convert them into a full share in Arsenal Holdings Plc and receive all the rights of a full shareholder.

Should you wish, you will be able to sell your Arsenal Fanshares and withdraw your money, although the amount you get back will depend on the value of Arsenal Holdings Plc shares at that time, and may be less than you paid for your Fanshares.

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