This 6-pane gatefold brochure forms part of a set of print and online marketing collateral which I wrote for Goldentree and which, with the help of my colleague Pene Parker at Pene Parker Design for Business, we also designed and produced. The intended audience is a ‘channel’ of financial advisers, surveyors and similar, whose clients might benefit from Goldentree’s offer. The tone is accessible, unfussy yet professional, replicating the business philosophy of Goldentree’s chief exec, Gary Whitehead. Gatefold brochure for Goldentree Financial Services plc.

completed: 2007
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If only.

If only banks could move a little quicker and deals came packaged with the time they actually need to put them together.

If only the ambitions of clients were matched by the flexibility of lenders.

Wouldn’t it be nice, too, if clients had perfect borrowing records and their affairs were always neat and tidy?

And if the projects they wanted to finance all conformed perfectly to some ideal, no-risk lending profile.

Goldentree specialises in secured loans for situations in which conventional bank finance fails to offer a satisfactory solution.

Our borrower base is wide.

It includes clients for whom the application and approval processes of conventional lenders are too slow.

It includes those clients whose business approach calls for a minimum of fuss and paperwork.

It includes clients whose business model requires lending against valuation, rather than purchase price.

And it also encompasses clients with adverse credit situations such as CCJs, arrears or defaults, and those seeking finance in circumstances where accounts are unavailable or fail to show the required serviceability for conventional bank finance.

By adopting a broadminded and flexible approach, Goldentree structures finance that fulfils the requirements of all these kinds of clients, and gets their deals moving for them… and for you.

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