Pol Transport work in the no-nonsense world of transporting plant to and from construction sites. In setting up their business, their concern was to be able to convey the relatively sophisticated benefits of contracting with them rather than operating self-owned fleets to the transport managers who are their primary contacts, but are not generally the decision maker. I’ve created the arguably heavyhanded ‘Vanish Van Issues’ line to give them an instant brand property and a consistent message, and then authored this 4 page leaflet in a sparse, no-nonsense tone of voice heavy with benefits. Introduction leaflet for Pol Transport.

completed: 2007
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Save money and rid yourself of ‘van issues’ by contracting out your collection and delivery to Pol Transport.

It makes fantastic sense to contract out collection and delivery requirements.

Even if your company has been running its own vans for years, think again.

Contracting your collection and delivery to Pol Transport means an end to all the time consuming and costly issues involved in looking after your vans and drivers, freeing you up to concentrate on your customers and their orders.

Vanish your van issues.

The more vans you run, the bigger the hassle. But even on a small fleet, keeping everything on the road is a big job.

When you contract to Pol Transport, you’re allocated your own, dedicated vans, specified to your own precise needs. The vans are fuelled, taxed, insured, serviced and maintained by us.

If a van needs attention, it’s simply not your problem. You can rest assured there’ll be another van there taking its place while it’s gone.

Vanish your driver issues.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to drivers who don’t show, or who phone in sick, or whose approach to the job is less than wholehearted.

Pol Transport employs drivers who work hard, have proven their dependability and trustworthiness, and who have an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude.

And if you currently employ drivers who have proven their worth to you, are part of your ‘family’ and to whom you feel loyal, then no problem either!

When you contract with us, we’ll be pleased to hire your favoured drivers onto our team as part of your contract.

Vanish your cost issues.

Keeping track of the expenditure on even a small fleet can be a nightmare. Even if you have a PC-based system with which to do this, dealing with fuel, maintenance, insurance, tax and finance payments creates a full time accounting role by itself.

When you contract with Pol Transport, you say goodbye to all of it.

Each month you receive a single, itemised invoice, recording how many vans you have under contract, how many days they have been used under contract, any additional charges due and the total due for the month.

You deal with that one piece of paperwork, and there’s nothing else for you to think about.

Vanish your concerns.

The Pol Transport drivers who drive for you quickly develop the same understanding of your business, your customers and their needs as they would if you were employing them yourself.

With particular experience in servicing the needs of building and construction clients, we take care to familiarise ourselves with the conventions of ech new sector in which we work.

Vanish your doubts.

Call or email us today, and let’s arrange a meeting.

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