I’ve written in a fresh, direct B2B tone of voice in authoring this brochure for enterprise mobility technology provider, Blackbay. This kind of tone is very broad in its suitability, and I frequently use some variant on this when writing for cutting edge technology businesses. Brochure for enterprise mobility enabler Blackbay.

completed: 2012
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Blackbay is a world leader in the provision of real-time enterprise mobility solutions.

Our best-of-breed platform, and the solutions built on it, give organisations of all kinds the capability to manage and leverage value from their supply chain and field service operations.

Every day, our solutions accompany and report back from more than 70,000 mobile workers and over 3,000,000 service visits and deliveries.

They bring about improved customer experience and satisfaction, along with reduced costs, better customer service, increased efficiencies and invaluable business intelligence.

Leveraging the true potential of your mobile workforce.

Blackbay’s success is built on a single, potent business insight: that in an environment of ever increasing competition, full visibility of the actions of mobile workers who make doorstep visits to your customers offers significant opportunities to improve service and enhance efficiencies.

Blackbay views these opportunities as falling into four areas:

Real-time optimisation of performance

It is all but impossible for advance scheduling to produce the optimum level of performance of which a mobile workforce is capable. Nor will it usually deliver the best possible service to your customers. By giving you real time reporting from mobile workers’ handheld devices, Blackbay empowers your managers to take live operational decisions that will optimise efficiency, and to intervene swiftly with customers to deliver an improved level of customer service.

Ongoing refinement of service

By enabling you to view precisely what happens in the field, Blackbay helps your team to make strategic refinements to how labour is deployed, how transportaion and materials are used and how stock is controlled. The benefit is twofold. Efficiencies can be continuously improved, producing valuable savings, while continuous refinement may also be made to the quality of your service.

Improved customer service with reduced costs

Your mobile workforce is right there, with your customer. It’s an unmissable opportunity to solve problems without further call-outs or correspondence. Blackbay helps you give your mobile workers access to information and systems with which they can take prompt and effective action, adding a favourable customer experience to worthwhile cost savings.

New opportunities and new revenues

Blackbay’s experience of providing enterprise mobility solutions extends across a wide range of sectors. We combine this with our unsurpassed technology insight and our own business and social behaviour research to present clients with new service opportunities, appropriate to their core offers and to the functions of their mobile workforce, and capable of establishing valuable new revenue streams.

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