Written for the natural remedy marketer Nature’s Cures, this 4 page sales letter for a product called Revive, which claims to undo some of the ravages of age, sets about the difficult task of making a largely implausible proposition seem worthy of further reading. Tone is friendly, understanding and optimistic. 4 page sales letter for Revive.

completed: 2006
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Turn your body clock back UP TO 30 YEARS with this remarkable natural treatment based on Nobel Prize winning science.

Dear Friend,

It seems almost unnecessary to ask…but would your interest be raised by the chance to turn back your body clock?

Is it fair to guess that you’d welcome the opportunity to take 10 years off of your body’s wear and tear, and put yourself back to how you were a decade ago?

The mobility you had then? The energy and vitality you had then? The freedom from pain you were still able to enjoy at that time?

Now. What if you could wind back 20 YEARS?

Can you remember how good you felt then?

With joints that still moved freely with little or no sign of rheumatism or arthritis?

How you still had energy to stay out late, keep up with your family and take exercise?

How all your organs still seemed to be taking care of themselves pretty well and rarely caused you a second’s thought?

You’d be keen to wind back your clock to when your body felt that way, wouldn’t you?

So… what if you could go further?

What if there was a way that you could reset the time clock built into your body by THIRTY YEARS?

What if there was a way to program your body to take you back a WHOLE GENERATION to the time when your strength never failed you, when every organ in your body felt keen and tuned, and when the aches and pains of joint deterioration hadn’t yet appeared?

It sounds like a pipedream?

This is precisely the sensation being reported by people who have begun daily use of a remarkable all-natural ‘combination’ treatment now available in the UK under the brandname ‘Revive’.

Why this ‘3 ingredient’ combination treatment is so important in helping you feel younger in EVERY respect.

The remarkable all-natural formula of Revive, whose users have reported such a startling ‘winding back’ of their body clocks, brings together 3 exceptional natural ingredients in one ‘combination’ treatment

The significant fact is that ALL 3 of these powerful ingredients are KNOWN high-power antioxidants, yet each of them delivers different, but wholly complementary, results.

Antioxidants have been recognised by doctors for many years for their ability to counteract the ‘free radicals’ in your body. These ‘free radicals’ cause enormous destruction to your cells, and this leads to many of the physical effects of ageing.

But as each ingredient present in the unique formula of the ‘Revive’ treatment also performs other crucially important functions in the reversal of ageing, it’s the unique combination effect which is so critical to ensuring you really do experience the full benefits of ageing-reversal.

The 3 ingredients that combine to relieve your pain, repair your cells and renew your appetite for life.

People using Revive have reported startling and rapid increases in the levels of energy they enjoy. There has been equally dramatic feedback, too, regarding reduction in general aches and pains OF THE KIND FREQUENTLY ASSOCIATED WITH RHEUMATISM AND ARTHRITIS.

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