This project is virtually a textbook exercise in understanding and being able to target audiences in sales letter writing. The IoD is an extremely sophisticated direct marketer, which had segmented a database of company directors into 7 distinct type classifications, and then identified a sequence of 3 messages for each audience. 21 letters in all, with a requirement to adjust tone, as well as messaging, from one to the other, to remain as appropriate to a director of a massive multinational as to a director of a one man consulting firm. 21 recruitment drive sales letters for the Institute of Directors.

completed: 2006
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The 2 areas in which I believe joining the IoD might contribute significantly to your success as a Director.

Dear Mrs Stranks,

I’m aware that my colleague Kate Brackenbury has written to you recently, inviting you to apply for membership of the Institute of Directors.

I wanted to write to you myself, however, to underline why I believe membership of the Institute might prove of such value to you personally, as well as contributing much to the ongoing success of your company.

As a director, you must maintain an informed understanding of the backdrop against which we are all working.

Keeping abreast of the rapidly changing landscape of key external issues such as international policy, energy, pensions and emerging markets is critical for every director of a large company. Yet this is as time consuming as it is important.

Through our Policy Department, online information resources and carefully focused summits and conferences, the IoD offers you an authoritative and practical way both to keep yourself briefed, and make your voice heard, in respect of these issues and their shifting profiles.

Understanding obligations. The company’s and your own.

In your role as a director of a company of the stature of S J Holdings it’s important, too, to keep a constant eye on changes affecting company law and corporate responsibility.

Similarly, it’s important to understand thoroughly your own roles and responsibilities, both as a director and a board member.

Through our comprehensive portfolio of Professional Development programs, courses and coaching, the IoD is without peer in helping you maintain an appropriate knowledge of corporate governance, as well as in assisting you in attaining (and certifying) the personal level of contribution to the success of S J Holdings which the role of director warrants.

There are now IoD premises and hubs located around the UK. I’m confident that Membership will prove its worth time and again, in terms of the opportunities it offers both for broadening your perspective and influence, and for deepening your knowledge and accomplishment as a director.

Joining. What to do now.

For your convenience, I’ve included a new copy of our application form with this letter. I much hope that you’ll take a few moments to complete this and return it to our membership department in the enclosed envelope, and I look forward to welcoming you to the IoD in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Miles Templeman
Director General

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