Celaritis is a brandname used by Nature’s Cures to market a third party joint-easing treatment. This 2 page sales letter is included in the company’s direct marketing mailpack, and is written in an informative but selling tone of voice, capable of encouraging the reader to order. The pack also contains a 4 page booklet giving more information about the product, which I also wrote. Sales letter for Nature’s Cures.

completed: 2006
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Get immediate relief from pain. And restore the freedom and flexibility you thought had gone for ever.

Dear Mrs Sample,

Like anyone who suffers from arthritis or a similar joint problem, I’m sure you’re accustomed to reading about so-called ‘wonder cures’.

For you, as for anyone else suffering from such a condition, empty promises of relief raise hopes which, all too often, are dashed when the treatment in question fails to live up to its promise.

I can assure you, personally, that the treatment I’m writing to you about is not such a case.

For this reason, I hope you’ll recognise the very serious thought that has gone into our decision to headline our letter to you as we have done.

‘Immediate relief from pain’?

Can we really be offering this?

Restoring ‘the freedom and flexibility you thought had gone for ever’?

The answer, I’m delighted to be able to assure you, is that we can. Our claim is supported by the guarantee of a complete and total refund on the cost of the product about which we are writing if its effect on your condition disappoints you in any way. But more of that later.

Joint pain? Inflammation? Lack of mobility? Stiffness?

With the passing of years, many of us experience the crippling pain and inflammation of arthritis.

The name ‘arthritis’, of course, actually refers to any acute or chronic abnormality of a joint caused by inflammation. The various ‘arthritises’ all share the common feature of damage to the joint, though the causes and effects of the damage vary depending on the type of arthritis.

DJD. The most common arthritis. And often the most painful.

Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is the most common form of arthritis, and the main problem in DJD is the breakdown of the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones in the joint.

Even though many people suffer from this process, however, it’s not an inevitable part of ageing.

Until now though, there’s been no real way for those afflicted to turn back the clock and restore their freedom and flexibility of movement.

Although many treatments are available on the market, almost all of these have offered little more than the same temporary relief from pain provided by straightforward analgesics like aspirin.

Now though, all that has changed.

At Nature’s Cures, we specialise in developing premium natural treatments using the most sophisticated advances available. And now, for the first time, we are able to offer people like you, who have been living for too long with the pain and restrictions of arthritis, a powerful new treatment, Celaritis, developed around the remarkable powers of the ‘neutriceutical’ Celadrin.

Celaritis combines Celadrin with 8 other key natural constituents, including the minerals Zinc, Copper and Manganese, and the protein-digesting enzyme Bromelain, to create a treatment entirely different to anything else you may have seen or heard about.

No other treatment works as well.

Celaritis offers an amazing double benefit you simply will not find equalled elsewhere. First of all, Celaritis relieves the pain of arthritis and other joint conditions…usually within 30 minutes! Then…Celaritis goes to work lubricating the joint membranes, and actually rebuilding cartilage resulting in a restoration of the freedom and flexibility of movement you thought had gone for ever.

The result? A true ‘relieve and restore’ treatment, thanks to Celadrin.

Celadrin is a revolutionary ‘neutriceutical’, developed in the United States. It has, put simply, taken America by storm. Neutriceuticals are treatments based on entirely natural substances, and Celadrin has been widely heralded as the treatment for which arthritis and other joint condition sufferers have been waiting.

Unlike other treatments, Celadrin works at a cell level to lubricate membranes and rebuild degenerated cartilage. Celadrin comes backed by the undisputable research credential of having been published on two occasions in the internationally renowned Journal of Rheumatology, and having been tested exhaustively in matched pair tests at the University of Connecticut. In these tests, an incredible 100% of osteoarthritic subjects using Celadrin showed significant improvement in just 30 minutes, and experienced cumulative effects relating to freedom and flexibility throught the following 30 days. Special introductory price.

The normal retail price of Celaritis is £xx.xx. As an introductory offer to you, however, if you order Celaritis having received this letter, by completing the enclosed order form, or by telephoning our orderline, visiting our website or emailing us, we will offer you a 60 Celaritis tablet bottle, or 57g jar of Celaritis cream, at a discount of £xx.00.

That means you can experience the rapid relief from pain and restored freedom and flexibility of Celaritis for yourself for just £xx.xx.

The order form which I have enclosed with this letter gives full details of even better value discounts available when you order multiple bottles of Celaritis, assuring you of long term relief and restored freedom.

Order Celaritis today. All you have to lose are your pain and your immobility.

As a reputable provider of natural treatments, we want you to gain maximum possible relief and increased mobility as a result of using Celaritis. If you purchase this product and, after using your first complete container, do not agree that the benefits you are experiencing are worth the price you have paid for it, Nature’s Cures will refund every penny you have paid, including your post and packing, with no questions asked.

As you can see, you really have nothing to lose. If Celaritis doesn’t bring you the relief from pain, and restored freedom and flexibility we say it will, we’ll be pleased to refund your money.

The point is, however, that Celaritis will make the difference we’ve promised, and I sincerely hope you’re able to enjoy the new life it will bring you to the full.

Yours sincerely,

James Barker

Managing Director

PS. For your convenience, as well as an order form, I’ve included a leaflet giving more information about Celaritis, and also a number of quotes from people who are already experiencing relief from pain and restored freedom thanks to Celaritis’s key ingredient.

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