Pure Laboratory was a brand new dental laboratory, expressly designed to provide dentists with affordable prosthetics in order to help them encourage more patients to opt for private, rather than NHS, treatment. I’ve used an informed, and slightly conspiratorial tone of voice intended to make dentists understand that Pure appreciates the challenge they face, and exists to help them overcome this. Press advertising for dental lab Pure Laboratory.

completed: 2015
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Pure. The best help ever to move your patients to Private.

Trying to encourage patients towards Private treatment but finding the prices you need to charge to offer top quality prosthetics make it difficult to close?
Turn the page now and discover Pure Laboratory, the lab that makes Private add up.
Then tear off and return the card to us to get your free voucher for 50% off the first job you send us.



Pure. The new lab that makes Private treatment add up.

Every dentist has patients who can appreciate the difference that Private treatment would make.

Even if they’ve not been Private patients in the past, you’re confident they’d agree to the step up… if that step didn’t look quite so huge.

But if you use work from a premium private dental lab, the difference in treatment price compared to Band 3 is likely to be just too much for them to agree to.

Up till now, the only alternative has been to use a lab that offers low prices, but none of the service and support you need.

That means you can’t really provide a properly ‘Private’ quality of work.

Try Pure… and close the cost gap for your patients

Pure is the new lab that lets you close the gap for your patients between the cost of Band 3 and high quality Private treatment.

We provide crown and bridge, implant and all other kinds of lab work, incuding Smile Design, to superb, Private treatment standards.

We back this with superb, GDC registered technician- based customer service and highly efficient operations systems.

Yet the whole thing is built around three features that let you offer affordable private care… while still maintaining good margin on every case.

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