Writing for large, institutional clients requires a good deal of experience in understanding the internal dynamics and constraints likely to be acting on the individual managing the project. In this particular instance, however, an empowered client was able to successfully steer a course for a message and tone of far greater vision than might be expected. Brochure copy for Siemens Financial Services.

completed: 2012
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Financing a better world

When you look for finance for the initiatives your organisation is involved in, you will of course give full consideration to the practicalities of the arrangements available to you.

Yet there are other factors equally deserving of your consideration.

The initiatives you are undertaking will be vital to you, your employees and your supply chain. But they will also impact on the many people whose lives may be made easier, longer, more tolerable or more rewarding by their success.

For this reason, it is important to select a finance partner with great care.

Siemens Commercial Finance provides finance to businesses, organisations and municipal bodies around the world. A division of Siemens Financial Services (and so of Siemens) we are a part of one of the world’s strongest multi-discipline companies.
We provide equipment finance and leasing to organisations engaged in fields and industries in which we have particular expertise.

We work flexibly and constructively in partnership with these organisations, assuring them of proactive and dependable support, not only during periods of growth, but also when the economy is turbulent.

In so doing we help them move forward with initiatives that save and enhance lives, improve productivity, enable business success, create jobs and wealth, and ultimately make the world a better place in which to live and work.

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