Run an SME business and need a good, experienced copywriter?

The majority of the projects I do are for SME businesses; usually owner managed companies employing somewhere between 3 and 50 people.

If this is you, and you need help of any kind with copywriting, web content, marketing emails, brochures, advertising or anything else in this area, I’ll be able to help.

Will I understand about your business?

Yes. I won’t be an expert, in the way that you are. That’s not possible.

But I am an extremely experienced copywriter. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of client companies in just about every industry and profession.

So I will understand your sector.

And when you explain to me about where you are positioned within the sector, and how your model works, I’ll understand these, too.

Will I be able to work with a specific member of your team?

Of course! Working with an infinitely diverse array of clients is central to my business.

I can work directly with the owner, Managing Director/CEO or another director of your business.

I can work with with a proper marketing manager, if you have one, or with an executive assistant or PA who is not an experienced marketing person, but whom you have asked to look after your task.

And if you have designers or web developers, either in house or as outside suppliers, I can collaborate directly with them.


Will I be able to write in your brand tone of voice?

Yes. Absolutely.

I’m like an actor. I don’t have one tone of voice in which I write for all clients. I shape the tone of voice for each job to match the client and audience I’m writing for.

If you happen to have existing brand guidelines on tone of voice that you’d like me to follow (few SME’s do, however), then I will happily do that, too.

Would I write your blog?

I’d be pleased to talk to you about it. But whether I’d take it on depends entirely on how you view the blog.

If you just want to find someone to put ‘something’ on your blog every week so that you don’t need to think about it ever again, then I’m not the right person.

If you are serious about your blog’s role in your business, however, then I may be. You will need to be willing to invest at your end in nominating a responsible member of your team who can ensure that the briefs come through regularly, on schedule and in the simple format we agree.

You will also need to value the posts sufficiently to be willing to treat them, in terms of project value, as between 1/2 and 2 days work each, depending on their complexity and length.

As a guide, I have clients for whom I supply one post per week on the basis of one half day of fee per post, and this works well in their situation.


Will I cost 'big business' money?

No! Please don’t see some of the big name client companies I’ve written for as an indication that I must charge huge fees.

I quote every job, for each client, based sensibly on that specific situation.

I’m not in competition with inexperienced kids who charge little because they know little.

But if you compare the cost of working with me to that of working with any other professional advisor you use in your business, I’m highly competitive.


Get in touch.

I love the immediacy and short lines of communication when working with SME businesses.

And where the owner, or another key individual involves themselves directly in a project, I can produce outstanding work quickly and efficiently.

If you think I might be able to help… get in touch!