If you're thinking of hiring me as your SEO copywriter, let's make sure you're clear on what I can actually do for you.

Thanks for clicking through. My name’s Laurence Blume and I’m an SEO copywriter.

I write web content that optimise your site’s pages in line with Google’s current best practice. Understanding what this is is not always easy, however, as Google provides only general pointers as to how they are ranking results at any given moment.

While, surprisingly, many SEO copywriters make very little effort to keep on top of the pointers that are available, I’m right in the thick of it, mining their hints and guidance for nuggets that can help me rank your content.

An SEO copywriter who listens to what Google actually says.

There are only three reliable sources of information for guidance on ranking on Google:

  1. Google’s own general information published to their Webmaster Guidelines.
  2. Google’s regular updates, usually published in the form of videos from one of their senior engineers.
  3. A handful of credible industry websites which provide expert commentary and interpretation on the Google information, often backed up by empirical evidence of what does and doesn’t work from SEO engineers working day after day on ranking sufficiently broad portfolios of sites for their observations to have empirical substance. 
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SEO best practice. What we do know for sure?

Google continuously implements changes to its search algorithm and its underlying objectives in presenting results.

There is a huge amount of commentary on this, published daily online. But I’d say that the net effect of their changes and updates, as of now (and I update this whenever appropriate) has been to advise:

  • We do not want you writing content for search engines. We want you writing valuable and useful content about your subject, and that’s what we will be rewarding you for.
  • If you are using tricks, either in coding, or in writing the content, or in creating worthless links from elsewhere, even though these may have worked for you in the past, not only will these no longer give you any advantage, but we will actually penalise you for them.
  • We know people now type longer, more detailed searches, or lazier, more long-winded searches, into the search box. We know too that people speak their search into their phone. We  now reflect these behaviours in search results, and so in how and for what we rank your pages.
  • If you are writing posts or articles for third party sites to create back links to your own site, make sure the content is genuinely worthwhile and of value to readers, and not loaded up with links which are the keyterm for which you want your site’s pages to be listed.

It is in line with these precepts that I now write all web content.

More of a phone person than a form person?

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