This landing page, written for internet marketer JJ Products, swaps the overpowering US sales pitch used by other marketers when offering the same product for an assertive but more rational proposition. Landing page for JJ Products.

completed: 2009
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Triumph Over Your Weight For Ever
Using California’s Celebrity Success Secret.

Work On Your Head Instead Of Your Waist… And The Pounds Will Come Off And Stay Off For Good.

Dear Friend,
It doesn’t matter whether you’re struggling to lose weight or battling to stay at your target weight… finding a diet that works and sticking to it is HARD!

Traditional diets starve you of everything worth eating. And modern ‘designer’ diets lead you from one unlikely
formula to the next, usually without taking anything off your waist, bottom or hips.

If you are lucky enough to find one that works, then you’re faced with the dieter’s dilemma.

Do you stick with the diet for the rest of your life and learn to live without all the delicious foods you’ve
sacrificed, or do you give up after a bit and lapse back into your old cycle of bingeing for a few weeks, then
dieting again?

Not Found Your Perfect Weight-Loss Diet Yet?

That’s Because There’s No Such Thing.

People who want to give up smoking know that the battle isn’t won by reluctantly changing from one cigarette
to another.

You have to win the battle in your head.

That’s why pschological programs which help smokers create a ‘giving up’ mindset have proved so successful.
It’s the same with weight loss.

Forced changes to what you eat and how you eat it DO NOTHING AT ALL to sort out the way you FEEL
about eating.

And the way you feel about losing weight.

And that’s what makes you succeed or fail.

If your mind is at war with your diet, there’s only ever going to be one winner.

Instead of of putting yourself through the pain and hardship of endless dieting… take the approach used by
superstar heavyweights including movie stars Sean Penn and John Travolta.

Deal with the way your mind feels about weight, and you’ll find the pounds fall off, your measurements
decrease, your old jeans fit comfortably and compliments start flying your way.


Because you look…and feel, healthier, more confident and…well…more attractive!

Find A Weight Loss Program For Your
Mind…And It’ll Take Care Of Your Body.

There is no shortage of diets out there for you to choose from.

But there aren’t so many programs dealing with training your mind to help you lose weight and keep it off for

Now, however, the program used by many of Hollywood’s leading ‘Heavyweights’, as well as by many huge
companies wanting to help their staff succeed in losing weight, is available has been released in the UK.

Now you can use the “mind-based” psychological method the stars use to lose weight, and keep weight off
for good.

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