Elevano is a specialist tech sector recruiter, based in Irvine, CA. In this task, I both scoped the site, developing the sitemap, and authored the content, aiming for a distinct, confident tone of voice in line with the company’s original approach to the market. Web scoping and content for US tech recruitment consultancy, Elevano.

completed: 2016
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Our approach

Elevano is a tech recruitment specialist that thinks and operates with the rigour and mentality of a consulting firm. By scrutinizing and challenging an employer’s recruitment brief, and refocusing its technical requirements and package negotiables more perceptively, we remove restrictive limitations on the applicant pool. Our approach increases the speed and likely success of recruitment, and results in a more valuable hire for the employer.

Our ethos

Our ethos is one of analysis and challenge. We believe that the best we can do for you is to listen to your brief and then push back on your thinking, using our personal experience as engineers and consultants, as well as in recruitment, to remove restrictions, beneficially adjust parameters and lead you towards a better hire.

We are recruitment specialists operating a consulting model. Led by partners with many years’ hands-on expertise in tech consulting, our outstanding Execs listen, dig and challenge to find a better route to the right hire.

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