Like a great number of the clients with whom I work, SDa Solutions is an owner managed business, employing around 20 people. Founder Stuart Dyson had previously authored all of his marketing collateral himself, but was looking to divest himself of this particular, outsourceable, call on his time. The 3 samples below are each ‘top level’ pages from the company’s website. Website content for SDa Solutions Ltd.

completed: 2005
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.


A privately owned company based in London, UK, SDa has since 1993 earned an enviable reputation for its holistic view of the operational problems and opportunities facing companies in the leisure industry.

SDa is led by a management team with heavyweight, hands-on experience of operating businesses within the sector. The company’s observation, analysis and solutions place equal weight on a club’s business processes, the levels of comfort and competence which its staff exhibit in their implementation, and the IT infrastructure and software tools employed by the club to keep account of the membership life-cycle.


Successful operation of any club or group is dependent on the seamless interoperability of your team, the business processes defined for them to work with, and the tools given to them with which to achieve this.

SDa Support Services ensure both the effective and trouble-free operation of your member-management software, and the competence of your team to work with it comfortably and efficiently.


Managements of all clubs, whether single-sites or substantial, multi-site groups, find themselves confronted with problems relating to the ways they acquire members, interact with their members and to the process of securing membership renewals.

Using a team of consultants personally experienced in the hands-on management of leisure sector businesses, SDa develops project-specific solutions which take a holistic view of the people, processes and technology involved.

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