Fashion Dynamix is a London based designer and manufacturer of quality women’s fashionwear for high street retailers. The tone of voice used in the site here conveys the management team’s knowledge and understanding of the commercial requirements of their customers, while continuing to assert the company’s strong design heritage. Website content for Fashion Dynamix.

completed: 2004
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Fashion Dynamix designs and manufactures exciting, fast-selling fashion for retailers.

Our clothes satisfy the demands of top names on the UK high street and, more importantly, the demands of their customers.

With unsurpassed expertise in fabric sourcing and development, management of globally sourced production, and construction and production technologies, Fashion Dynamix provides retailers with a complete fashion solution.

Experience. Knowledge. And design that’s as exciting to retail as it is to wear.

Fashion Dynamix. Exciting to sell. Exciting to Wear.


Fashion Dynamix Ltd is a privately owned company, designing and manufacturing women’s fashionwear for supply to UK retail customers including Next, the John Lewis Partnership and Wallis, as well as leading Middle Eastern retailer, Al Shaya.

With our twin offer of product and service excellence, our customers are assured of good value, high-quality garments, based on imaginative, market-aware design and knowledgeable global sourcing of both fabrics and garment production.

We see it as our primary business objective to contribute best selling lines to our customers’ product portfolios. To this end, we take great care to appraise the cost and performance of the fabrics we choose, and to weigh the impact these will have on the life cycle of garments and their value to the customer against the need to achieve realistic retail selling prices.

Our understanding of the inter-relation between market price points and quality consistently enables us to deliver leading edge products possessing the kind of high-street selling edge which creates rapid and substantial turnover at premium margins.

The principal directors of Fashion Dynamix formerly comprised part of the management team of Ramar plc, the London based fashion design and manufacturer which successfully supplied Marks and Spencer for over 40 years.


Developing successful fashion products and ranges calls for a diverse portfolio of skills including sourcing, fabric technology, procurement, manufacturing technology and logistics; but at the core of the whole process lies the design of exciting garments, capable of strong sales performance.

Imaginative and market-conscious design thus forms the heartbeat of Fashion Dynamix’s business.

A 12-strong design team, under the leadership of our Design Director, Susan Radin, work to monitor key trends, colours, fabrications, style directions and lifestyle influences, translating these into commercially successful collections, capsule ranges, and key looks.

The team works with industry-leading CAD technology throughout the garment and print design/development processes, substantially reducing development life cycles, as well as adding flexibility to its conceptualisation and visualisation.

Thanks to contemporary data transfer systems, it’s possible for collaborative design development to operate around the clock and around the globe.

Even in situations where customers retain their own design departments, our design expertise and flair combine with our product and range development experience to provide a dependable and trustworthy source of imaginatively designed, high quality and commercially successful fashion.

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