This website for web-to-print specialist Real Print shows the fairly common requirement for a number of pages, each summarising one product from a company’s offering in a short paragraph. The style here is informal but businesslike; again typical of the style sought by many tech companies. Website content for Real Print.

completed: 2006
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About Real Print

Real Print provides services which convert decisions and choices made by website users into high quality printed matter, delivering this into their hands through the post.

We offer branded products such as WEBSTRACT and PRODUCTCARD which enable businesses to unlock additional value from their websites.

We create bespoke solutions for companies wishing to generate print from data to meet a specific business need.

Via our Real Fans system, we provide personalised printed merchandise pages on the websites of a wide variety of sporting, entertainment, cultural and educational organisations.


About Product Card

By adding the PRODUCTCARD button to your site or shopping catalogue, browsing visitors are able to order a high quality, branded informational postcard containing product details, orderline number and any special ‘sale-closing’ offer. PRODUCTCARD is ideal for integration onto websites and e-com catalogues, as well as for use by call centres and customer services departments.


About Webstract

Placing a WEBSTRACT button on your site lets visitors order a high quality, branded folder pack containing printed information about aspects of your company’s offer in which they are interested.
WEBSTRACT is designed for integration onto company websites, as well as for use by call centres, customer services and PR departments.

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