The London software company Blueprint, specialising in technologies for the music and entertainment industries, needed their site to be written in a language that respected their technology credentials, but would be immediately intelligible to the non-technological audiences of their target industry. Website content for Blueprint Software Limited.

completed: 2000
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Blueprint is driven by a vision of a world in which the old hierarchies governing the music, media and entertainmet industries are swept aside by the possibilities of new and emerging telecommunications and IT technologies, empowering artists, film-makers and other rights owners to offer their work directly to the consumer, to be enjoyed anywhere and at any time on any kind of mobile or desktop device.


Blueprint is a specialist media technologies company developing Digial Rights Management based solutions for the music, media and entertainment industries.

The company posseses unique parallel credentials in the entertainment and software industries, and this has enabled it to establish an unrivalled global network of partners in the music industry, as well as in the fixed and mobile telco industries.

Whether you’re an infrastructure provider, a media company or involved in the entertainment industry, if you want to take advantage of the power of digital rights management technologies, Blueprint can help you.


Blueprint offers bespoke consulting services covering a full range of technical and developmental issues.

Our acknowledged expertise in the music and technology spheres mean we are uniquely placed to advise media clients on strategic plans for the integration and deployment of new technologies and services.

Our major focus is advising on the impact of new Digital Rights Management technologies and the options available for dissemination of Rights managed media over multiple platforms.

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