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Air Conditioning installation, service & maintenance – London & South East

Smartcooling. The complete service for an ‘all working beautifully’ air-conditioned home. 

Everything in your home pretty much the way you like it?

Air conditioning is the final addition to give you a living environment that’s clean, comfortable, modern, and exactly right for you.

Whether you already have air conditioning, or you’re thinking of installing units in one or more rooms, Smartcooling is the expert and reliable service that installs and maintains home air conditioning across London and the South East.



Need Air Conditioning installing or servicing?

Call us now 07368 354358


Installing new air conditioning

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, are extending or refurbishing, or want to install a single unit to cool one room, Smartcooling can help.



Looking after your air conditioning

From scheduled annual maintenance, to emergency repair in the wake of a heatwave, Smartcooling restores your system and gets it running efficiently.



How air conditioning and Smartcooling improve your quality of life.

Air conditioning doesn’t just keep your home cool when the temperature rises. It cleans and modulates the quality and temperature of the air in your home, giving you a range of health and lifestyle benefits.

Sleep Better

Set the right temperature in your bedroom, and enjoy better sleep, with all its benefits to your health.

Save Energy

Modern Air Conditioning units with integral heat pumps are A-rated for energy efficiency,

Fight Allergies

Air Conditioning regulates air quality and protects against airborne and dust allergies.

Stay Cool

Stay cool in your home, as UK temperatures rise by a predicted further 1.5 degrees by 2022.


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Smart Cooling Ltd is a registered Checkatrade provider.


Smart Cooling Ltd is a REFCOM Registered Company


Need Air Conditioning installing or servicing?

Call us now 07368 354358

If you’re thinking about installing air conditioning, or have a system which requires maintenance or repair, give us a call and we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit.

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