Based in Cyprus, Blue Ocean Trade is a subsidiary company of my Lithuanian client, Seafishtrade. BOT provides operational and logistical support, as well as trading services, to fishing companies operating in waters around the world. This is a ‘sharp end’ commercial B2B sector, talking to a globally distributed audience of varying levels of sophistication and English language command. I’ve written clear, detailed copy to ensure clear communication of what the company offers, as well of its collaborative and flexible approach to its business. Full website content for fisheries services provider, Blue Ocean Trade.

completed: 2023
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We help fishing companies and producers around the world, with particular focus on supporting operations in the African fishing grounds. We aim to help guide our clients and partners forward, whether by ensuring they hold the correct permits and licenses for fishing in specific countries, by providing operational and logistics high seas services for them, or by arranging fast, efficient trading of frozen fish.


We provide both consultancy and operational services for fishing companies needing a local partner able to deal with the formalities required to conduct fishing operations in a specific country. This includes securing the necessary permits, licences and quotas, as well as registration with local fishing authorities.

As well as this, we arrange a wide range of logistical support. This includes bunkering of vessels, supply of (and customs clearance for) spare parts, provisions and any other necessary equipment.

We offer all our clients continuous support throughout any period in which we work together.


To help clients maximise the productivity of their vessels in the African fishing grounds, we operate a number of reefers under longterm time-charter.

This fleet means we can be on hand at all times, across the region, for trawlers with full hatches to tranship their frozen cargo close to the fishing ground and return swiftly to work.

Our reefers also supply packaging materials, provisions and spare parts, again saving trawlers the need to leave their fishing area.

Alongside our reefer fleet, we partner with major pool operators so that we are able to provide reefer support to clients anywhere at all in the world.


Our operational and logistics activities do not provide a complete snapshot of Blue Ocean Trade’s interests, however.

We are also heavily involved in the global trading of frozen fish.

We maintain a vast network of suppliers and producers, and buy direct from the trawler from some of the best known and most trusted fishing companies in the world. Some of these are companies to which we supply our operational services, as well as other, high quality producers.

We work hard to build and maintain strong personal (as well as commercial) relationships with all producers, establishing the kind of confidence and trust that we believe are vital in fast moving global trading.


We provide invaluable and reliable high seas support and logistics to companies fishing and trading anywhere in the world. As traders, we are at work around the clock, sourcing and procuring frozen on trawler product. This activity covers the globe, but with primary focus on five abundant areas.

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