Large volume web projects like this sort the grown ups from the children – and I say that having done quite a few of them. With several hundred pages to be written, and a dozen or more section templates to be followed, being able to follow the project plan is actually more challenging than writing the content itself. I did this project with The Escape, where a truly outstanding project manager ran the lines between client and her agency, and her agency and me, with endless patience and huge skill. On this kind of task, the achievement is really not in tone of voice or clarity of message. Those should be the entry level for a copywriter to take on the job at all. The achievement is one of professional competence – the ability to stay in the game until it’s done. large volume full site content for logistics firm DX Delivery, through The Escape Agency.

completed: 2021
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

About DX

Service, security and choice

DX is an end-to-end mail, parcels and logistics network operator, providing services throughout the UK & Ireland. Our business is built on our recognition that in fulfilling our promises to our customers we enable them, in turn, to fulfil their promises to theirs. Relied on by both public and private sector organisations, we provide outstanding customer service, the high possible levels of parcel security and a comprehensive choice of services to meet all needs.


How we work

Our business operates through the DX Freight and DX Express divisions.

  • DX Freight provides next-day or scheduled delivery services for parcels and irregular dimension and weight items, as well as comprehensive logistics solutions.
  • DX Express is focused on next-day or scheduled courier deliveries, as well as providing secure services for the delivery of items of value. DX Express also operates DX Exchange, a private members delivery network catering mainly for the legal, financial and public sectors, and DX Tracked Specimens, a specialist service for the delivery of medical samples and specimens.


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