I’ve written for the business owner behind Aamplify several times, and he exudes an entrepreneurship for which I have huge admiration. In this clean, typographically distinctive landing page, I’ve set out his proposition cleanly and without fuss, combining brevity with a tone of voice consistent with his approach. Web landing page for IT marketing consultancy Aamplify.

You take care of your clients’ IT. While we take care of helping you win more clients.

Running an IT Support or Managed Services company?

Busy responding to support requests, and juggling managing your engineers with quoting, writing specs and meeting clients?

While you’re getting on with keeping your business moving and clients happy, Aamplify works away on your marketing so your hat’s always in the ring for new business.

The company that makes your IT marketing easy

We know how to grow business for IT Support companies. Firms like yours with between 1 and maybe 20 engineers.

We market you, simultaneously, using four channels:

Building up your name and authority locally

We find a good paper or magazine in your area that will publish a regular business IT column written by you.  (Well… written by us, for you.) We also write and upload engaging new posts to your blog, weekly or fortnightly. So there are always valuable new reasons for clients to take notice of you.

Grabbing people who want to talk today

We build and manage an effective Google Adwords campaign for you, so you’re in front of people in your area at the precise moment they’re searching for an IT support provider.

Following through every lead for you

Every time anyone submits the form on your site, or on the landing pages we’ll link to your Adwords ads, we telephone them, find out what they need or where they’re up to in looking for a new provider, and then pass the info back to you so you know who to call, and what you can expect to get from that lead.

Keeping you top of mind with clients and leads

We write and send out a regular email newsletter for you. New visitors to your site can join your list to receive it, as well as all the customers and leads already on your list. It’s a fortnightly or monthly reminder of who you are, and how their business could be benefitting from your help.

Stop struggling. We’re IT marketing experts

We know about bringing new business in for small and medium sized IT and Manages Services providers.

Pop your details into this form and we’ll call you to talk in more detail about how we can take the work of keeping your marketing going off your hands, build your reputation and deliver you qualified leads.

Or you call us. 01869 222145.

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