This is the classic ‘landing page’ internet selling model. You land your traffic on a page like this, giving a lengthy sales pitch, and one click at the bottom of the page (long after the sample below ends, I’m afraid), takes readers through to an order page. The tone recognises readers’ eternal quest for a diet that will work. Web landing page for distributor of weigh loss supplement Calotren.

completed: 2008
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Work with your body’s natural biology instead of fighting against it, and EXPERIENCE the pounds coming off.

Calotren. The natural supplement that works with your body’s resources to help YOU lose pounds.


It’s maddening, isn’t it? Your body seems so willing to put on weight, yet so reluctant to help you get it off.

But the surprising truth is that when you look at the biology of your body this simply couldn’t be further from nature’s intention.


Like most people, you’ve probably tried LOTS of weight loss treatments and diets and found that none of them has ever delivered what it promised.

That’s why you’re here, now, after all.

If any of the drugs or stimulants, or fad diet regimes you’ve come across and felt you simply had to try had actually done what they said they were going to, you’d have discovered how to get your weight off…AND KEEP IT OFF… long ago.

But it’s likely that all that these ‘diets’, ‘methods’ and ‘plans’ did was leave you feeling tired, restless, frustrated and, almost always, hungry!

That’s if you were lucky!

If you were unfortunate, caffeine or ephedrine used in any actual diet treatment you were using will have clashed with medication you were taking with all sorts of unpleasant side effects.


The truth about almost all diets and diet treatments is that they’re doomed to failure before they begin… because they try to FIGHT AGAINST your body’s natural biology!!!

And you know how stupid that is! Your body has a mind of its own and in any direct battle of wills, it’s almost sure to win.

So that’s where Calotren is different.

Calotren is a nutritional supplement that works with your body, rather than fighting against it, and collaborates with its natural mechanisms to shed excess fat, naturally.

That’s right.

It’s an entirely natural protein-based formula that makes no use of drugs.

Unlike other diet plans and treatments, Calotren doesn’t try to trick, starve or stimulate your body.

Instead, it supports your lean muscle tissue, and fuels your body’s own mechanisms for burning off excess fat and sugar.

Building muscle to burn fat in this way is widely recognised by clinicians as a highly effective driver of healthy weight loss.

(The continuing effect of Calotren’s protein formula in a fit, healthy person of correct body weight is actually to deliver improved stamina and energy.)

This is not some new or untried theory.

Diet supplements based on muscle-improving proteins, have been available, and shown to produce excellent weight loss results, since the early 1980s.

The unique advantage of Calotren is that it contains the most potent source of the most effective specific protein found IN ANY TREATMENT.

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