I’ve written this landing page for crowd-funded property investment platform The House Crowd to communicate simply and clearly the opportunity to be revealed in an evening seminar presented by the company’s founder. Landing page for The House Crowd.

completed: 2014
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Discover how joining online with other investors to buy property together makes investing easier, allows you to invest with small amounts… and reduces your risk.

‘Smart Property Investing in The Internet Age.’

A Seminar and Q&A with Frazer Fearnhead
Founder of The House Crowd

6.00pm Tuesday 4 November 2014

The Memorial Hall, Albert Square Chophouse, Albert Square, Manchester, M2 5PF

Don’t you need to have at least enough for a substantial deposit on a house to get into property?

Isn’t there so much to learn you’re bound to get it wrong when you begin?

Isn’t dealing with tenants one big headache?

Whether you’d like to get started investing in property but are finding it daunting, or already own property but find managing it a hassle, come along and discover…

  • What crowd funding is, and how it demolishes many of the traditional downsides of investing in property.
  • What happens when you join with other people, each making affordable investments and pooling your funds to buy and refurbish first one house… then another and another.
  • How owning a share in properties that are being tenanted and managed for you takes away the worst part of property investing.
  • Why building up a portfolio in which you own 5% of each of twenty houses is a better investing strategy than owning 100% of just one.
  • How making regular affordable investments can give you all the income and capital growth benefits of property investing… with less exposure and capital outlay than buying alone.

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