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Developer Solutions

Simple integration of any system to our global messaging gateway.


We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure any developer who wants to interface an application, site or system with our messaging gateway can do so reliably and simply.

You can integrate rapidly via a choice of flexible connections including HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML and Com Object. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to deliver messages in any format, from and to any application on any platform, across 578 networks reaching just about everywhere on earth.

Why don’t you take a quick look at one or two of our interface option guides right now? HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML or Com Object.


-We’re a technology company ourselves, so we understand exactly what you need to be able to do your job without delays.

-We provide practical, useful script libraries and excellent documentation for each connection.We offer one central interface to enable you to manage multiple connections and, from a business perspective, you can have a single account through which you control multiple project integrations. If you’re running a team, you can also have sub-users on your account.

-As you’d expect, we’ve made it just as simple for you to enable ‘non-core’ products such as Premium rate and Two-way messaging.

-We help your marketing and awareness of the marketplace by offering a showcase for you to present products and make use of other developers’ products, and we host a developer forum for sharing information and seeking solutions.


Our API Gateway Overview tells you everything you could want to know about our messaging gateway. (API is Application Programming Interface, by the way.)

If you want details of any individual connection, we have excellent guides for each: HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML and Com Object.

If you’ve read all you need to and want to try connecting to our system, register for a free trial account. (When you do, we’ll credit 10 free messages to you so you can experiment immediately.)



Resilient and dependable enterprise-grade solutions.


Managing the infrastructure and costs associated with dependable and scalable messaging at enterprise level can pose serious challenges. But our enterprise level service gives you assured delivery of mission-critical messages across multiple communication channels.

With gateways that connect directly into the infrastructure of all key mobile operators, we can guarantee delivery and receipt of massive quantities of messages in real-time, to and from any application on any platform.

Built to cater for the distinct nature of enterprise endeavours, our ‘multimode’ system persists in its attempt to deliver, moving on from one device to the next (cell to landline to fax to smart-phone to pager to PC, for example) until delivery is achieved and acknowledged.

Our Enterprise .pdf document tells you more about these services.

Or you can find out about some of the enterprise level solutions we’ve already implemented. Read our overviews on solutions in Financial Services, Government, Marketing and Advertising, Travel and Transport or Professional Services.


-We guarantee you accurate, secure, traceable and acknowledged delivery of large volume, mission-critical messages to any audience, anytime, no matter how widely or remotely located.

-We make integration of your systems to our gateway fast and easy, and provide comprehensive documentation, support and testing.


Contact one of our sales team to discuss our enterprise services more fully.
Or download the Enterprise .pdf, which tells you more about these services before you talk to us.

If, on reflection, you’d prefer standard, ‘do it yourself’ online access to our SMS gateway, register for a free account.

Or read these summaries of our solutions for enterprises in Financial Services, Government, Marketing and Advertising, Travel and Transport or Professional Services.

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