S Harrison is a long established and well regarded property developer in the north of England. I worked with them on this review and update of the content of their site, staying within an already carefully laid down tone of voice, and a tightly defined content set. Still, an interesting and enjoyable project, with a client who knew precisely what was wanted. Website content rewrite for property developer S Harrison.

completed: 2018
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

About Us


With a development footprint extending in every direction from our Yorkshire heartland, S Harrison is one of the UK’s leading and most widely admired property developers, with a scheme portfolio encompassing every sector of the UK property market.

We enjoy a reputation as trusted partners, innovative developers and a knowledgeable safeguarder of architectural heritage.

It’s some way from the local building company founded by Stanley Harrison back in 1952.

Though for many years we maintained both development and construction arms, today’s S Harrison team is wholly focussed on intelligent, elegant and commercially astute development in collaboration with partners who share our values and respect our approach.


We benefit from a strong and stable management, combining unwavering respect for our heritage with a bold and enterprising approach to development.


In each community in which we work, we seek to leave behind a little extra.

 We support a local charity in every area in which we are actively developing a scheme. Our focus is in the genuinely local – charities or groups which may not make national headlines but which do vital work in that community and to which our financial help, or our help in terms of hands-on, active involvement, can make a real difference.


S Harrison have been recognised by professional and industry bodies for both the quality of our work, and for the commercial success which this has facilitated. We are mindful that our success is due in no small part to the partners with whom we work.

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