Ethica Solutions is a specialist consultancy providing both expert services relating to schools safeguarding, and investigation services for commercial and private clients in situations of particular sensitivity. My content for the site emphasise the company’s multi-agency approach and skills base, speaking in an appropriately professional and ethical voice. Web content for safeguarding and investigation consultancy Ethica Solutions.

completed: 2016
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Safeguarding training, reviews, investigations and hands on support for private schools.

Ethica Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of expertly and ethically delivered resources to help you protect your pupils, staff and school to the highest standards of excellence.

Protecting the children in your care

Safeguarding your pupils against risks at home, in the school community and in the wider world, carries with it not only responsibility for their safety and wellbeing, but also for the:

  • successful apprehension and holding to account of offenders or perpetrators;
  • futures of staff members involved in allegations;
  • liability, reputation and, potentially, future viability of your school

Protecting your school

While the safety of young victims is paramount, as a school your good name is also crucial.A school failing to deal with an incident of abuse efficiently, ethically and professionally may find its loyalty and popularity eroded in a fashion from which it can never recover.

Protecting your staff

You have a responsibility to ensure that investigations into safeguarding matters are thorough, and fair to all parties. Allegations about members of staff are difficult and stressful to deal with effectively. A professional, independent investigation ensures fairness and equity for all parties.

Safeguarding excellence for schools and educational establishments

Responsibility for providing your school with a comprehensive and systemic approach to Safeguarding cannot be discharged simply by requiring teachers to work through screen-based training modules. We provide both knowledge transfer and practical skills, empowering your staff to provide real safety and security for the children in your care.Ethica Solutions provides:

  • Audit Reviews of your Safeguarding measures, along with recommendations and practical assistance with their implementation.
  • Appropriate training for teaching and support staff at all levels, as well as for those involved in the school’s governance.
  • Unrivalled experienced in the fair, ethical and professional investigation of incidents
  • Experienced, as-it-happens assistance with handling a critical incident, with proper regard for victim, school community, evidential and reputational concerns.

Ethica. Accredited and Certificated training

Ethica Solutions is the only provider of Safeguarding training for schools accredited by the UK government backed Skills for Justice / Skills for Health scheme, and evidencing the completion of all training with formal certification.

A demonstration to parents of your commitment on Safeguarding

Our standing as the only provider of Safeguarding training accredited by Skills for Justice / Skills for Health, and certified on an individual by individual basis, means that you can confidently declare Ethica Solutions’ provision of Safeguarding training in marketing material and parent communications.This adds value to your overall offer, attesting to your investment in quality services as well as the importance you place on this vital area of pupil protection.

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