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completed: 2015
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Keys locked in your car or lost? Door or ignition lock jammed? We can help.

It can be happen to anyone… at any time.

You leave your keys on the dashboard, or drop them on the seat next to you while you get your things together, and the next thing you know you’re locked out.

Don’t panic. Don’t start sticking wires or hairclips into your locks. And don’t think about smashing out windows.

Mirolocks. Lock repair and key repair by expert London mobile car locksmiths

We’re expert, professional mobile car locksmiths who get people out of car key and lock messes every day of the week.

We offer a complete lock repair service, as well as a full key repair service that includes copying broken keys, programming new keys and removing snapped car keys from door locks and ignitions.

Unable to gain vehicle entry?

If your locking system has jammed, or you’re unable to gain vehicle entry for some other reason, call us on 07462 327027. We’ll get your door open, and a working key back in your hands (or sort out any other mess you’re in with a car door key, keyfob or locking system) quickly, securely and affordably. Guaranteed.

Our auto locksmith will arrive quickly, in one of our fully equipped service vans.

He’ll have everything he needs on board to be able to open locked or jammed doors, reprogramme keys, make new copies of keys and deal with any other aspect of the mechanics or electronics of your car’s locking system.

Whatever make your car is… we can open, or repair, your locks

auto-locksmithIt doesn’t matter what make your car is, what model it is, or what year it was manufactured.

We unlock all kinds of cars, with equal speed and expertise.

  • Guaranteed safe unlocking of your car’s doors.
  • No damage to bodywork, wiring or electronics.
  • Easy, quick opening of boot, tailgate and accessory luggage trunks.
  • Latest techniques and technology for repairing and replacing locks.
  • Preparing brand new keys for your car.
  • Secured rearranging of locks due to the replaced key.


Lost car keys? We can replace them… anytime and anywhere

autolocksmithsWe can get a specialist mobile car locksmith out to you wherever you are in Greater London, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

If you’ve lost your car keys, or had them stolen, we can supply new keys and program them for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Wimbledon common at 3am on Christmas morning, in Epping Forest at midnight or just off the M25 in rush hour, it’s our job to get to you and make you replacement keys… fast.

07462 327027. Don’t even think about it. Call us.

We provide a complete range of services covering car locks and car key cutting, but also covering all related technologies.

We can reconfigure and deactivate immobilisers (when the key loss is due to the transponder), release and remove broken or jammed keys and repair contact ignition keys.

Whatever your car locking or security problem is, you can count on us to fix it for you.

You can always rely on us. And always get us when you need us.

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