Rich List Speakers is an exciting 2008 business launch by entrepreneur Ben Benson. The website copy recognises the aspirations of those to whom RLS membership is likely to appeal, and offers assurance that the organisation will provide access to this privileged world.. Website content for Rich List Speakers.

completed: 2008
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About Rich List Speakers

Rich List Speakers offers anyone with their sights on a multi-millionaire future a window into the world of entrepreneur success which makes such a lifestyle possible.

The organisation was born out of the research of its founder, entrepreneur-watcher Ben Benson.

A year-long, interview-based study of the approaches and lifestyles of some of the UK’s most successful self-made millionaires led Benson to the conclusion that only first hand exposure to the Super Rich can give others any real understanding of the ways of thinking and operating through which their phenomenal success has been achieved.

Headquartered in the Millionaire’s Playing Field of London’s West End, Rich List Speakers hosts ‘members and guest’ only Speaker Events at prestigious venues on a monthly basis.

Our events are dual purposed, offering the opportunity to observe an inspirational speaker chosen from the current Rich List at first hand, as well as the chance to mingle with others who, like you, will not rest until they have secured similar success for themselves.

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