Audio 7 specialise in designing and installing home entertainment and automation systems for affluent private residences. The company is run by 2 brothers who simply love kit, and love talking about it. In this homepage copy, I’m writing with a warmth and indulgence that says, “You’re like us and we understand you” to its readers. Web content for home systems suppliers Audio 7.

completed: 2009
*If no image of the finished project is available, my presentation document is shown.

Luxury AV, TV, Home Cinema and Smart Home design

Audio 7. Happiness specialists.

As you might expect, we’re specialists at Audio 7.

Specialists in home cinema, hi-fi, and home automation, of course.

But we like to think that we’re really specialists in making people almost impossibly happy.

The perfect system

We start off by ensuring you’re happier than you thought possible with the system we design for your home.

Your music sounds faultless when you listen to it. Your family watch electrifying movies on pin sharp screens and cinema-sized projections. All of your media routes effortlessly to wherever you want it, and every piece of equipment you own works flawlessly with every other piece. Even your blinds and lights go up, or down, just as you tell them to.

Each moment you get to relax in your home is enhanced by the fabulous feeling of everything being exactly as you dreamed it.

Unsurpassable service

To guarantee your happiness even further, everyone at Audio 7 goes out of their way to advise, help and support you before, during and long, long after you buy your system.

We love discussing people’s homes and how to make their dreams come true. We’ll happily spend as much time as you can spare discussing the specifications and selection of your equipment. We labour lovingly over installations and set ups.

We’ll never tire of showing you, or your family, how everything works. (We once drove 40 miles on Christmas morning to re-explain to a client how to use his system, so he could experience the happiness of showing it to his friends in all its glory on Christmas afternoon.)

All in all, our aim at Audio 7 is to make sure you’re happy whenever you have a reason to think about your system.

And even happier when you’re simply sitting back enjoying it.

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